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主演:이윤선 卢素兰 이기웅 葵司  


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$u4zs1v6qLe2$ ---- Can you film me without anyone knowing...not even me?A paparazzi reporter and a female doctor with exhibitionism cant help their instincts. Jae-hoon was a cameraman but he was fired for something and is now a paparazzi. He is k-nown for his neat work but his usual task is cat-ching people in affairs. One day he gets a call from a woman asking him to keep watch on her twin sister. The sister owns a sexual con$u4zs1v6qle2$ sulting clinic so he goes as a p-atient. Then he starts to wa$u4zs1v6qle2$ tch her in secret. As time goes, he shows signs of voyeurism a$u4zs1v6qle2$ n-d obsesses with her. The doctors sister cancels her request but its too late. Then he finds out that the do-ctor wasnt a twin sister but in fact the client herself and he blinds himself. Did Jae-hoons voyeurism go away or was he a sexual pervert? Or did he really love the doctor?

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